7 Best Physics Textbooks for Ugandan Schools (2022 Review)

7 Best Physics Textbooks for Ugandan Schools (2022 Review)

Physics used to be considered as one of the most difficult subjects to study but better teaching methods and advanced research have made it much easier to understand.

There are tons of physics textbooks available around the world with each author putting forward their ideas in a unique way and presenting students with a variety of available learning methods.

So which are the best physics textbooks available right now?

The answer to this question will vary from one individual to another based on several factors, including experience and personal preferences.

Based on our own research, and sales analysis here are our top seven picks for the best physics books out there:

The Best A-level Physics Textbooks for Uganda.

1. Advanced Level Physics Nelkon & Parker

The Seventh Edition of this classic text has been revised and updated to ensure that it covers all the latest developments in the A level Physics syllabuses.

In addition to the comprehensive text, each chapter contains clear diagrams and a larger number of exercises to reinforce students understanding of the subject. Answers to all the exercises are given at the back of the book.

This new edition will ensure that Advanced Level Physics continues to be widely used as a popular and comprehensive textbook for all A level Physics courses. 

2. A Level Physics Roger Muncaster.

This best selling textbook provides, in its Fourth Edition, full coverage of the latest syllabus developments at A/AS-level.

Each topic is explained thoroughly in concise, lucid language - starting at an appropriate level (7/8) of the National Curriculum.

Plenty of worked examples give practice in calculations from first principles.

The format has been updated for improved presentation. New Consolidation' sections and questions designed to provide a link between GCSE and A-level feature in the text.

At the end of each section there are many questions- ideal for consolidation and revision - mainly from past A-level examination papers. over 150 of these past-paper questions have been added in the Fourth Edition. Answers are included. 

3. Advanced Physics by Tom Duncan

advanced physics

Tom Duncan's Advanced Physics is firmly established as the leading textbook for those studying Physics at Advanced level or as part of a vocational course. This fully updated fifth edition has been produced to ensure complete coverage of the new AS and A level specifications.

New features

    • use of full colour throughout
    • revisions to the content to reflect the new specifications
    • a new chapter on Cosmology and Astrophysics
    • a revised chapter on Mathematics for Physics
    • revised text and new photographs to reflect current knowledge and applications
    • examples of the use of spreadsheets and data loggers in Physics laboratories
    • updated examination questions from recent past papers

Key features

    • clear text and illustrations that provide thorough, yet accessible, information
    • highlighted key laws or principles, and worked examples to support private study
    • objective-type revision questions, with answers, at the end of each section to test understanding
    • examination questions at the end of each chapter to prepare students for assessment

The author Tom Duncan is the well-known author of many bestselling Physics and Electronics books, including GCSE Physics and Physics for Today and Tomorrow.

The author has been assisted in this edition by Dr Heather Kennett, who teaches Physics at tertiary level and has a special interest in the use of computers in Physics laboratory classes, and by Jonathan Ling, a former teacher with a wide-ranging involvement in PhysicS education at school level and beyond. 

The Best O-level Physics Textbooks for Uganda.

4. Physics by A. F. Abbott


The latest edition takes into account the requirements for the West African Examinations Council, the Hong Kong School Certificate, the East African Examinations Council and the Singapore Ministry of Education. Semiconductor devices and their applications are becoming increasingly important in physics courses at this level. To reflect this, the fifth edition includes a substantial amount of new material on logic gates and their uses.

5. Understanding O'level Physics by Semu Joseph

understanding o-level physics

Understanding O-Level Physics is a well researched book for all those focused students who have been yearning to understand and pass Physics at O' level. They should therefore breathe a sigh of relief. This book comes with the sole purpose of providing impeccable answers for all questions. I have devoted all the time and resources at my disposal to carry out painstaking research so as to come up with this comprehensive and celebrated book. Besides the comprehensive calculations, this book is a wash with all the possible questions in Physics, mainly those that can find space in UNEB papers. I have a firm belief that my fellow teachers will also find this book valuable in their teaching and reference.

6. Fundamentals of Physics by Sseremba

fundamentals of physics

This is a self teaching guide intended for S.1, S.2 S.3 & S.4

7. Principles of Physics by M. Nelkon

principles of physics

Principles of Physics is a well-established popular textbook which has been completely revised and updated to keep pace with all the latest O-level and School Certificate syllabuses of the United Kingdom boards and the West African Examinations Council.

More worked examples have been added to the text for this eighth edition, and a section of revision papers has been included with the multiple choice questions. The text is helpfully illustrated throughout by many diagrams and photographs. Suggestions for practical work are placed at appropriate positions in the text, backed by a tinted panel so they are easily distinguishable.


All the books mentioned above are proven companions for both novices and the more advanced learner. They all have one thing in common: the introduction of the fundamentals of physics in simple, practical language.

While we’ve taken the time to ensure that these are the best physics textbooks for college, each of the books might feel different from the other. You can express your opinion by leaving a comment below.

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