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Secondary School ATLAS

MK SECONDARY SCHOOL ATLAS is the latest, unique and well researched reference book that is excellently suitable to supplement the teaching/learning of Geography in Secondary schools and also meet the research needs of different groups of people in related fields.

It is packaged with the most up to date information and is rated highly in current matters. The Atlas is competence-based in nature with a number of activities given for learners to exhibit their masterly of concepts.

A commendable range of stimulating maps have been presented in the best visually appealing designs.

Very clear and meaningful points to note, colour photographs, satellite images, cross sections, diagrams, graphs and most recent statistics have been included.

Cross-cutting issues such as HIV and Aids, Environmental awareness, COVID 19, Gender sensitivity and other related issues have been incorporated in this Atlas.

The Atlas has 11 main sections

The General information: This is mainly about the mapping skills, that is, using maps to study about people and places, types of maps, understanding map projections, the solar system and plate tectonics.

Uganda: Administration, reliet, climate, drainage, vegetation, soils, transport and communication, population, cities and towns. agriculture, fishing and forestry, minerals and energy, industry, trade, wildlife and tourism, history

East Africa: Administration, relief, drainage, soils, climate, vegetation, population, transport and communication, agriculture, minerals and energy, industry and trade, wildlife and tourism, history, economic integration.

Africa: Political, relief, Africa, Eastern Africa, North Africa, Southern Africa, West Africa, drainage cute vegetation, agriculture, fishing and forestry, minerals, energy, population, and tourism, transport and communication, trads, history, Regional Economic Integration, population statistics.

Europe: Political, physical, climatic regions and vegetation, agriculture, forestry and fishing, minerals and energy

Asia: Political, physical, climatic regions, vegetation, agriculture and forestry, minerals, energy and industry.population,CHINA as a case study.

North America: Political, physical, climate and vegetation, agriculture, forestry and fishing, minerals, energy and industry, population.

South America: Political, Relief, climate and vegetation, agriculture, forestry and fishing, minerals, energy and industry, population.

Australia and Oceania: Administration, relief, climate, minerals, energy and industry, population, population,

Polar Regions: Antarctica and Arctic economic activities.

World: Political, physical, climate and vegetation, environmental issues, energy and mineral resources, population, tourism international and regional organisations, Comparative figures and facts.

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