The best certificate courses you can study in Uganda

The best certificate courses you can study in Uganda

According to the current curriculum, a certificate course in Uganda can take anywhere between three months and two years to complete.

A one-year programme in Uganda is quite flexible, and after completing the certificate level, you can always carry on with your studies to seek an even higher level of education, such as a diploma or a degree.

The certificate programs are modularized with the goal of providing citizens with opportunities to gain expertise in niche professional fields of interest. These certificates can be divided into three categories.:

  • National Certificates
  • National Junior Vocational Certificates
  • Competency National Certificates

National Certificates

The courses have a two-year duration and are equal to Advanced level courses in Technical, Vocational, and Farm Institutions.

  1. National Certificate in Building construction (NCBC)
  2. National Certificate in Automotive Mechanics (NCAM)
  3. National Certificate in Electrical Installation Systems and Maintenance (NCEM)
  4. National Certificate in Welding and Fabrication (NCWF)
  5. National Certificate in Plumbing (NCPL)
  6. National Certificate in WoodWork Technology (NVWT)
  7. National Certificate in Mechanical Engineering (NCME)
  8. National Certificate in Electronics Systems (NCES)
  9. National Certificate in Painting and Decoration (NCPD)
  10. National Certificate in Shoe Making (NCSM)
  11. National Certificate in Tailoring and Fashion Design (NCFD)
  12. National Certificate in Agricultural Mechanisation (NCAG)
  13. National Certificate in Ceramics Manufacture (NCCM)
  14. National Certificate in Library and Information Management (NCLM)
  15. National Certificate in Secretarial and Records Management (NCSR)
  16. National Certificate in Catering and Events Management (NCCE)/ Hotel and Institutional Catering
  17. National Certificate in Cosmetology and Beautification (NCCB)

National Junior Vocational Certificates

The courses are offered at Community Polytechnics, Technical, Vocational, and Farm Schools for a three-year academic period, but they are equivalent to courses at the Ordinary Level. Holders of a certificate from the primary leaving examinations are required for admittance into these programmes.

These courses include:

  1. National Junior Vocational Certificate in Motor Vehicle Mechanics
  2. National Junior Vocational Certificate in Electrical Installation and Maintenance
  3. National Junior Vocational Certificate in Plumbing
  4. National Junior Vocational Certificate in Welding and Fabrication

Competence National Certificates

The courses are offered at community polytechnics, technical, vocational, and farm institutions, with course lengths ranging from three months to seven years.

These quick courses' primary goal is to increase residents' skill levels. Except for interest, there are no prerequisites for these courses.

These courses include:

  1. Fish Farming
  2. Organic Fruit Farming
  3. Vegetable Farming
  4. Pig Rearing
  5. Animal Feed Production
  6. Poultry Production
  7. Rabbit Production
  8. Bee Production
  9. Mushroom  Production
  10. Farm Tree Production
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