NCDC Unveils the New Learners Textbooks and Teachers Guides to Master Trainers

NCDC Unveils the New Learners Textbooks and Teachers Guides to Master Trainers

The National Curriculum Development Center (NCDC) has developed Learners Textbooks and Teachers Guides for all subjects in the new Lower Secondary Curriculum which begins with Senior One 2020.

In the old curriculum, NCDC only developed the syllabus documents for each subject and then different authors went ahead to create textbooks and pamphlets which teachers and learners have been using as reference books in schools. However, lots of issues were realized which NCDC’s new approach seeks to solve.

The national Curriculum development Centre (NCDC), has said the printing of the revised textbooks has kicked off and all faculties may be required to stock the new educational substances.

between now and the start of first term (February 3), colleges have less than 20 days you got the brand new textbooks. Christopher Muganga, the pinnacle of secondary school

curriculum at NCDC said, they were printing the Senior One textbooks first.

He said continuing students will not be affected by the brand new arrangements.

"students becoming a member of Senior One this year can be the pioneers of the new curriculum.

Textbooks for the rest of the O'level instructions will be published steadily as the pioneers are promoted to the next instructions," he stated.

For starters the education ministry will distribute free sample textbooks to each government-aided and private colleges.

For private faculties, he said, the ministry will simplest cater for obligatory subjects including mathematics, chemistry, physics and biology, geography, records and political education. After that, the faculties might be expected to buy the textbooks. personal faculties will also be required to buy Kiswahili textbooks in view that it's miles obligatory in both Senior One and .

"we can make certain that every one authorities-aided faculties and registered non-public schools get

copies of the pattern textbooks," Muganga stated in a cellphone interview over the weekend. the new curriculum makes a speciality of student-centred getting to know rather than passing examinations. accepted talents emphasised in the curriculum are vital wondering, hassle solving, mathematical computation, ICT proficiency and verbal exchange.

Major changes

  1. Cross-cutting issues such as climate change, patriotism, human rights, gender and HIV/AIDS among others have been integrated into various subjects.
  2. A student is expected to study a maximum of 12 subjects at both Senior One and Two of which, 11 are compulsory.
  3. In Senior Three and Four, a student is expected to study a minimum of eight and maximum of nine subjects with only seven compulsory ones.
  4. With the old setting, studentwould take a maximum of 10 subjects. Under the new curriculum, classroom teaching time has been reduced to five hours a day. Lessons start at 8:30am and end at 2:50pm, including lunch breaks.
  5. The remaining time will be used by students for hands-on projects, research, project work, clubs, games and sports and have time for revision lasting one hour and 40 minutes. The school day will end at 4:30pm.
  6. On assessment, all classroom works, games and sports will account for 20% of the marks at the end of the O'level cycle.
  7. The Uganda Certificate of Education will account for 80% of marks a student gets at O'level.

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