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Shine standard Mathematics pupils book 3

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Shine Standard Mathematics Pupil's' Book Three has been developed basing on the revised primary three syllabus as guided by the National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC).

Pupils and teachers will find this book useful because of the following special features;

  • The book covers all themes of the primary Three Mathematics syllabus and each lesson ends with an evaluation exercise to help learners test their understanding of the concepts covered.
  • The book is detailed with no content left out. It has been written for primary Three in a language that is suitable for both rural and urban learners. The book can therefore be used with minimum teacher's guidance.
  • The worked-out examples are carefully selected and set to guide the pupil to understand the concepts well.
  • The questions are carefully set in order to challenge the pupils in thinking, reading, observing, comprehending and applying knowledge and skills in day today life. These are also key to excellent performance at PLE.
  • The themes have well organized, relevant, and easy to understand notes and facts. It is written in a simple language and is well aided with illustrations/ diagrams where necessary to ease understanding.
  • This book is written by experienced teachers of Mathematics.

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Author Isma K.
ISBN 9780000000019
Class (primary) Primary three (P.3)
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