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Shine standard Literacy pupils book 1

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Shine Standard Literacy, Pupils' Book One has been developed basing on the revised Primary One Literacy Syllabus as prescribed by the new curriculum of the National Curriculum Development Center (NCDC). The book contains accurate, relevant and current information covering all themes in all terms of the year. It is intended to guide both teachers and learners.

The Pupil's book cares for the interests of the learners in terms of simple and concise language used, simplified content to cater for all learners with different abilities and clear illustrations to make learning enjoyable through observation and ensure mastery of concepts.

The themes have well organised, relevant, and easy to understand notes and facts. It is written in a simple language and is well aided with illustrations/diagrams to ease understanding.

The book is remarkably precise but detailed in content with no fact left hanging. It has been mainly written for Primary One in a language that is suitable for both rural and urban Pupils. The book can therefore be used with minimum teacher guidance. However, the content contained in this book is mostly developed around Kampala district. and this requires teachers outside Kampala to enrich it and include important features/ places in their locality.

The book has inbuilt and continuous assessment activities. These questions are to help the learners to test their understanding of the concepts covered and are to enable the teacher to track progress as coverage goes on. This also makes the book convenient for individual and class learning by the pupils

The content of the book has been enriched to enable learners get solutions to the three main levels of assessment at primary level that is to say: Knowledge, Comprehension and Application.

The book is intended to provide learners with knowledge, skills and the desired attitudes and values of Literacy and the Environment that are important to prepare learners for final assessment of the primary level.

The book is written and developed by experienced teachers of Literacy, Integrated Science and Social Studies and we welcome all comments on the publication with an open mind for the improvement in the teaching and learning of Literacy. Comments and orders can be communicated directly through the following contacts

TEL: +256 774549913 +256 703 564756

Email address: [email protected]

Author Apollo K.
ISBN 9780000000057
Class (primary) Primary one (P.1)
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