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SENIOR ONE History and Political Education NEW CURRICULUM BY NCDC

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This Learner’s Textbook has been written in line with the revised subject syllabus. The knowledge and skills which have been incorporated are what is partly required to produce a learner who has the competences that are required in the 21st century.

This has been done by providing a range of activities which will be conducted both within and outside the classroom setting. The learner is expected to be able to work as an individual, in pairs and groups according to the nature of the activities.

The teacher as a facilitator will prepare what the learners are to learn and this Learner’s Textbook is one of the materials which are to be used to support the teaching and learning process.

Published 2020

This material has been developed as a prototype for implementation of the revised Lower Secondary Curriculum and as a support for other textbook development interests.

National Curriculum Development Centre

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