Grief Child Lawrence Darmani

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It was midnight. The little village of Susa slept in darkness in the heart of the forest farms, among the tall trees. The mahoganies and sapeles stood tall in the dark sky, providing a canopy over the village and deepening the density of the pitch dark night.

From a distant cluster of neighbouring villages, Adu heard a dog bark. Another dog howled. In this village midnight was a dangerous time. It was better not to be awake or to hear noises.

Drifting into sleep, Adu was gripped by nightmare. He was in the forest, all alone overwhelmed by fear. Then the leopard sprang...

To be chased by an animal in a dream was a bad omen. Someone's life was in danger.

In this haunting tale the power of light struggles with the power of darkness to claim the life of Adu, the "grief child". Brooding over and infusing all is the Ghanaian setting-the living, breathing landscape of forest, farm and village.

By Lawrence Darmani.

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