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Detailed English Grammar Book two by Amutenda Salvatore

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Detailed English Grammar Book two by Amutenda Salvatore

This is the second book of my production. It has also been written after a lot of research. It covers almost the remaining topics about parts of speech in English Grammar as shown on the table of contents. It also covers a number of topics in comprehension work e.g. Passages, poems, conversations, letter writing etc. it provides notes with simple examples which are within our daily experiences. These notes are accompanied by exercises after each topic.

The topics in the table of contents are talked about in detail and the information is given in a logical order. An attempt has made to put these topics in their teachable order. This book makes a difference with other books in that most of the English books just simply provide information and it is upon a teacher to think of the logical order how to relate and teach it but this one gives both the information (knowledge) and the logical order of teaching it.

This book is detailed enough for teachers not to require many other reference book during the teaching and learning process.

This book provides answers to the exercises to avoid doubt about the solutions one would tentatively arrive at.

This is book two and it is also intended to help classes P.5 to P.7

Salvatore Amutenda Tumwine,

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