The 5 Best Secondary Mathematics Books For Uganda Students.

The 5 Best Secondary Mathematics Books For Uganda Students.


Mathematics is a very important subject and it is taught in almost all schools across the world. However, the approach to teaching mathematics may vary from one country to another. In Uganda, the teaching of mathematics is done in a very traditional way where students are mostly required to memorize mathematical formulas and solve mathematical problems. While this may work for some students, others may find it difficult to understand and learn mathematics this way.

If you are a student in Uganda who struggles with mathematics, here is a list of top mathematics books to read.

The 5 best mathematics books for Uganda students 

 For A-level

1. Pure Mathematics J.K. Backhouse

Pure Mathematics provides clear explanatory text with numerous worked examples, and plenty of graded exercises to test thorough understanding of the concepts involved. This well-established two-book course is designed for class teaching and private study leading to GCSE examinations in mathematics and further Mathematics at A Level.

2.Understanding Pure Math

A classic single-volume textbook, popular for its direct and straightforward approach. Understanding Pure Mathematics starts by filling the gap between GCSE and A Level and builds on this base for candidates taking either single-subject or double-subject A Level.

3. Understanding Mechanics A. J. Saddler.

One of the clearest and most straightforward texts ever published, Understanding Mechanics covers all the topics required in the single-subject A Level. It is equally appropriate for those preparing for other Mathematics examinations at A Level and for students on technical courses in further and higher education.

For O-level

4. Certificate Math By E. Mungati

Certificate Math is a secondary mathematics book that has been written to help learners pass their O0level mathematics certificate examinations. The book is filled with exercises and examples, all of which have been designed to help learners understand difficult mathematical concepts. Certificate Math By Mungati is the perfect tool for any learner who wants to pass their mathematics certificate examinations with ease.

5. Secondary school mathematics books 1-4.

The best-selling NCDC Secondary Mathematics course has been specifically revised and re-written to match the Uganda Secondary Mathematics Syllabus 456 and to aid pupils to achieve success in the Uganda Certificate of Education. It covers the requirements of the Secondary Mathematics syllabus in four student's books and four teacher's guides and has been written by a panel of experienced classroom teachers, teacher trainers and Ugandan mathematics education specialists, to meet the needs of Ugandan students.

What are the benefits of using these textbooks? 

There are a number of benefits to using these textbooks. One of the most obvious benefits is that they are affordable. They are also an excellent resource for students who want to study abroad. The textbooks are written in a way that makes them easy to understand, and they include a variety of exercises that will help students improve their Math skills.

Where can I purchase these textbooks?

There are a few places you can purchase textbooks:

  1. Online - this is the most common place to purchase textbooks. There are a variety of websites, for example, that sell textbooks, and most of them have a search engine so you can find the textbook you need.
  2. Local Bookstore - if you want to buy your textbooks in person, your best bet is to go to a local bookstore. They will typically have a selection of textbooks that you can choose from. Or you can visit God's Mercy Bookshop today!
  3. Library - if you're looking for a cheap option, your local library may have the textbook you need.

How soon can I get started?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the necessary steps for starting vary. The first step is to decide on why you want to learn Math.

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