Our town

Our town

Folks move in and folks move out, from our little town,

I reckon some ain't got what it takes, for them to settle down!

We got our share of rascals, as do the rest I 'spose,

Why I hear tell that deviltry, is sproutin' like a rose!

Now for those who think that deviltry, is somethin' to regret,

I Think you are too young, or that you just forget!

A youngster will take a lickin' before a secret he will share,

'Til he searches deep inside of you, to make certain that you care!

A town that raises youngsters, to respect their elder folks,

Things like keepin' language clean, when you hear 'em tellin' off colored jokes!

Or offerin' to carry out, a heavy bag of, "Dollar Stuff",

While lookin' for all the world to see, dirty and pretty gruff!

My little Town carries her name, from long gone days of old,

When loggers and when ladies met, for what those ladies sold!

She's changed this town of loggers, into a nice little place to stay,

She offers more than lots of towns, lakes, rivers, and mountain play!

Oh I enjoy this little town, midst Central Oregon's beautiful land,

Where folks who make their home here, will give a helping hand!

By joining in to clean up the town, on a specified cleanin' day,

Or lendin' a hand to build a home, sharing Love along the way!

I know there are those things around, we still need to straighten out,

But Friend let me tell now, "Those things" we are about!

Some folks still need our focus, to help them recover from their harm,

But by golly most you'll meet here in town, will lend to you their arm!

So some folks come and some folks go, and I can tell you friend,

It's fun to be a part of a Town, I'm very proud to recommend!

Cheryl G Burke


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