Moran Secondary School Atlas for Uganda

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The Moran Secondary School Atlas for Uganda is a completely new atlas and includes the very latest available Ugandan data including the 2014 Census

contains an incredible range of stimulating maps ✰ is specially designed to meet the needs of the Ugandan Secondary School syllabus

✰ incorporates activities, fact files, cross-sections, colour photographs, satellite imagery, diagrams, graphs and statistics throughout incorporates cross-cutting issues such as HIV and AIDS, gender and climate

✰ has a clear, yet detailed layout that is also visually appealing displays photographs and satellite imagery, closely linked to the maps

pages are colour-coded for instant association of each global region to the contents and statistics can be used for home reference as well as those studying Geography and related subjects at tertiary level

There are eight main sections

Introductory pages- an easy-to-follow guide on getting the atlas together with mapping skills with an emphasis on Uganda most out of the

Uganda-23 pages featuring important historical, political, physical and cultural perspectives

* East Africa with special emphasis on countries such as Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda

Africa-detailed mapping of the rest of the continent other continents and countries-maps of Europe, Asia, North and South America, Australasia and the Poles, including appropriate thematic maps and statistics

world themes-more than 30 different themes including environmental issues, population, urbanisation, economic development, trade, international organisations and tourism

statistics-nine categories of data for each country index - a comprehensive index

Publisher Moran Publishers
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