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6 Best Books Recommended For Primary 7 Students in Uganda


This list is compiled according to the most demanded books at God's mercy bookshop and stationers. Here is a list of the top six books recommended for a primary seven student

What of books should a primary seven student read?

  1. St. Bernard English pupil's book 7

    St. Benard English pupil's book 7

    st. Bernard English Pupil's Book Seven is based on the reviewed English language syllabus for Uganda. This book has been written by experienced teachers in English. They have prepared work on different aspects to suit the needs of learners who have just completed the transitional class and are now ready to use English as a medium of instruction. The four language skills namely: listening, speaking, reading and writing have been adequately catered for. The pupil's book provides a variety of exercises to cater to specially gifted learners and those with special learning needs. The illustrations in the book are clear, accurate, attractive and gender-balanced. There is a well-detailed teacher's guide to accompany this pupil's book.

  2. Comprehensive Social Studies Book 7

    comprehensive sst p.7

    Comprehensive Social Studies for Primary Seven is a coursebook that is specially designed and prepared for use in Uganda P7. The content has been selected, organized and written to suit the level of the learner. The book:

    • Covers the Primary Seven Social Studies syllabus comprehensively;
    • Gives sufficient exercises and activities on each topic;
    • Enhances the learning of Social Studies by focusing learning and content on the learner's familiar environments;
    • Makes Social Studies enjoyable through the use of familiar examples, colored photographs, maps and illustrations.

    The book is beautifully designed to easily capture the learners' attention and retain their interest in the subject.

    The book is written and developed by a team of respected Social Studies educators with many years of teaching experience in schools, colleges and in-servicing programs for teachers.

  3. Comprehensive Science Book 7 by Mukisa Rasuuli

    This is the seventh book in the exciting series of Comprehensive Primary School Science books.

    This book is specifically written for use by Primary Seven pupils as a coursebook.

    This book is accompanied by a revision science workbook to guide the teachers, pupils and parents who help their children in their revision.

    These books are written with the author's wide experience of many years of teaching science in various classes and schools

  4. MK Primary Mathematics 2000 Book 7 (new edition - big Volume)

    The course "A New MK Primary Mathematics 2000" is the maths course of the 21st century! Written by a team of experienced classroom teachers, teacher trainers and curriculum developers, the course is designed to improve and make easier the teaching and learning of mathematics in primary schools.

    This course which is based on the current Ugandan Mathematics syllabus has the following distinctive features

    1. This course has, for each class a pupils book and a corresponding teacher's guide.

    2. Topics are carefully and conveniently arranged to help the pupils learn the concepts being taught.

    3. The book was written in a clear, simple and gradual language.

    4. The pupil's book has a lot of worked examples and exercises. Unit tests are given.

    5. These books have attractive and stimulating illustrations drawn from day to day experiences of the young learners.

    A new MK. Primary Mathematics 2000 Pupils book seven is the seventh in this series which covers the current Uganda Primary Mathematics syllabus. The attractive illustrations in this course as well as their relevance to everyday life are very good learning features.

    The simplicity of the language used, and the numerous worked examples and exercises given, make this book appropriate for use both in the classroom and at home.

  5. The Comprehensive Primary School Atlas

    1. Comprehensive Primary School Atlas for Social Studies in Uganda is a new detailed publication that helps pupils, teachers and other users to develop new insights, in-depth and breadth, into the study and understanding of Social Studies.

      It, thus, takes the learning of the subject to new heights and breaks new frontiers.

      Learners, teachers and the general public will find this atlas a worthy partner in their learning endeavors.

    Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary 10th edition

    1. Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary builds English vocabulary better than ever before and leads the way to more confident, successful communication in English.

      Build your vocabulary

      • Over 60,000 words, 79,000 phrases, 89,000 meanings and 109,000 examples
      • 1000+ NEW words and meanings (chatbot, fake news, microplastic, woke) NEW Oxford 3000 keywords - revised, updated and graded by level
      • NEW Oxford 5000 keywords-take your vocabulary to the next level
      • NEW OPAL (Oxford Phrasal Academic Lexicon) teaches academic keywords
      •  Visual Vocabulary Builder with NEW illustrations for topic vocabulary

      Take your English skills to the next level

    How can parents help their children select the right books?

    Parents and the family environment play a significant role in preparing children to read. Parents are the first teachers and spend the longest time with the children. They provide the intellectual stimulation and the emotional atmosphere essential to reading achievement


    In addition to these books, you can avail the student with revision books pamphlets with P.L.E UNEB past papers and question Banks

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